ola Vento 16 trays

Greater capacity: Vento 16 trays

Helpan Forni creates a new product in order to be closer to the desires of those in need of a big capacity oven: Vento 16 trays. It is an electric termoventilated oven with fix chariot that shares the characteristics of the line: the baking is done through air circulation, the laterals are made in perforated stainless steel to help adjust the air flow, it includes standard humidifier and the whole structure is realized in stainless steel AISI 430.

The compact structure and the reduced dimensions hide the spacious oven interior which guaranties thanks to air circulation baking results similar to those of a rotary oven. The great baking results on fresh, prebaked or frozen dough make Vento 16 trays an ideal solution for a bakery or supermarket that wants to offer quality to its clients.

The oven has 3 bidirectional motors and 3 heating elements that summed up offer 23,7 kW of power to the oven. Thanks to its low consume Vento 16 trays is a viable alternative to a rotary oven for those that save rationally and not in product quality.

Always in search of creating a product that satisfies your needs and your style, we created Vento 16 with 2 versions of intuitive and easy-use control panels: VPE 16M – the oven with mechanical commands that lets loose your creativity and VPE 16D dedicated to a production that bears few modifications so that you can assure a product standard. You can add to the digital panel the 80 program option (each program with 8 phases) which will help with recipes memorisation and personnel formation. The oven includes a motorised oven aspiration hood and a platform that facilitates the chariot access in the oven. It can be configured for trays 40x60cm or 40x80 cm.  


For more details, visit the Vento page.

If you want to see some baking test results, click here.


July 11th,2010