ola VENTO gas: HIGH TECH for you!

VENTO gas: HIGH TECH for you!


We start 2010 with a novelty in our VENTO line: a gas convection oven that will help you save on the gas invoices.

The oven maintains the characteristics of the line - stainless steel interior and exterior, double glass door, humidifier, excellent baking thanks to the special systems that guarantees air circulation, facility to use it and maximum reliability - and adds a revolutionary technology with regard to the gas supply: less consumption of gas and more power to reach more quickly the high temperatures (about 1 degree per second).

The new model is designed to provide pastry and small bakeries a reliable, powerful and affordable appliance while maintaining the flexibility of use.
In fact, the oven is suitable for the baking of all kinds of pastry from fresh to precooked or frozen bread or pastry.

VPG line is available with the following capacities:  6 or 10 trays 40x60cm,in 3 versions: electromechanical controls, manual controls with digital displays or digital controls and programs.

Its highly professional features combined with a very competitive price allow your business to grow with an investment easily depreciable!

February 14th,2010