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About Helpan Forni , our team and ideas

The industrial project Helpan Forni was born in 2006 as the result of the extensive collaboration of a group of creative and entrepreneurial industrial designers, salespersons and technicians that set themselves to offer their clients reliable, high quality ovens at the right price.

The same year, their first line of thermo-ventilated convection ovens was designed and launched on the market at Iba Münich: VENTO. Under this trademark Helpan Forni commercialises stainless steel ovens with modular structure. The distinguishing feature of the line is the introduction of the tray from the narrow side in order to better enjoy the production sites.

In 2007 Helpan Forni launched at Host (Milan) the POWERSNACK line proposing small ovens for bars, restaurants and hot points of pre-baked or frozen products. 

HelpanForni GASTRO and HelpanForni RED are born in 2008  from a very close collaboration with Red Inox. The launch meant two new challenges for Helpan Forni: the gastronomy sector and pastry gas convection ovens.

January 2009 brings about the launch of another line: HelpanForni MiniSNACK -even smaller ovens for pastry products.