ola Pastry and small Bakery ovens

Pastry and miniBakery Lines


Vento proposes a line of electric ovens especially developed for big pastry laboratories and mini-bakeries. Its special features are its modularity and the introduction of the tray from its strait side permitting thus the use of narrow production spaces.
It is perfect for all types of pastry and bakery products including pre-baked and frozen products.


Helpan Forni completes its range of products addressed to big pastry shops and mini bakeries by presenting its potential clients a special oven: HF Red. The line is remarkable through the series of available standard characteristics (digital controls and display, three-layer glass door, 2 ventilation speeds), stainless steel 304 structure and an atypical number of trays (5 or 8).
Its baking performance it is equally good on fresh,prebaked or frozen dough.


The Power Snack line offers an electric oven recommended for bars, brasserie, coffee shops and hot spots. It can also be used as an additional economic oven to a restaurant or a pastry shop. We warmly recommend it for the baking or just warming of all types of pastry products. Due to its double tray support allowing the introduction of GN1/1 trays it can be used for heating different gastronomy dishes.


MiniSnack is the ideal solution for a small bar or coffee shop that wants to delight its clients with freshly baked products. It is a small oven that occupies little space and responds to the need of having an economic oven that adds value to your business.
It is ideal for the baking of morning pre-baked or frozen brioches.