ola PowerSnack - Electric convection ovens for pastry, hot points,bar and gastronomy

small pastry ovens

POWERSNACK Dual Line 4 trays 600x400 mm

PowerSnack Dual Line offers an elegant and practical electric convection oven, ideal for bars,pastry shops, coffee shops, supermarkets hot points or as an additional small gastronomy oven in restaurants.

The ovens can be succesufully used with fresh pastry, prebaked or frozen products and with gastronomy dishes proving each time the same optimal results.

The line is available in 2 versions according to the type of tray used: pastry format 600x400 mm and GN 1/1 format for gastronomy. The novelty of the line consists in the easy adjustment from one format to the other.

                                                                                                     version 2 and 3 trays 600x400

ELEGANT AND MODERN DESIGN  - the simplicity of the line and the style ensure the easy fit of the oven in a variety of  interiors.

HUMIDIFIER - included in all versions.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL - porta con doppio vetro per mantenere la temperatura bassa del vetro esterno e possibilità di lavare i vetri interni.

RELIABILITY - robust structure made entirely in stainless steel, baking chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning, central water and fat discharge, halogen 40W internal lamp with protection against thermical shocks, door with double window to maintain lower external temperature, intuitive commands, removable tray supports,internal window that opens for cleaning and electric door closing.

FLEXIBILITY - easy adaptation from pstry to gastronomy format and viceversa , reversible door with closing either on the right or on the left according to production space requirements.


Internal structure in AISI 304
External structure in AISI 430
Internal halogen lamp garantied from 3000 h of use
Double glass door
Humidifier in the baking chamber
No.02 bidirezional motos with timed inversion
Control panel: manual o digital with the possibility to insert programs

Table : Pws technical details
ModelPWS DuaL 4 M
PWS Dual Line 4DP
control panel

Manual with knobs for parameter regulation

Digital with 99 programs

no.of trays

4 format 600x400 mm  or  4 format GN 1/1 

Distance between trays

70 mm

max. working temperature

270° C

270° C


120 MIN

max. 10H

No. of fans

2  (timed inversion)

Voltage- frequency - power

230 V/400V - 50/60Hz -6 kW

230 V/400V - 50/60Hz- 6 kw

baking surface

0.96m² (for pastry)
0,69 m² (for gastronomy)

oven dimensions (lxpxh)

805x870x570 mm

net weight

65 kg

65 kg

water connection





The line offers 2 types of control panel : MANUAL and  DIGITAL WITH PROGRAMMI

Version with manual control (M)

     - ON/OFF

     - Temperature

     - Timer

     - Direct steam



Version with digital contols and 99 programms(DP) user configurable

     - ON/OFF

     - Start/stop for the baking cycle

     - Temperature

     - Timer

     - Manual or programable steam

     - Program display

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Oven support
Made in AISI 430
With tray supports

Castor wheels

Kit including 4 castor wheels: 2 with brake and 2 without 


Flat trays, perforated flat trays, corrugated perforated tray with 5 channels for baguettes

Water softner

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