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small pastry ovens

Line POWERSNACK Classic 2 and 3 trays 600x400 mm

PowerSnack Classic introduces a line of robust and reliable electric convection ovens of  compact dimensions created for small businesses: pastry shops, hot points, bars or restaurants. The ovens occupy limited spaces thanks to the vertical door opening and they integrate perfectly in a variety of working environments due to classical design and technical characteristics: 230V and 3kW power( for the 2 tray version) and 4,5kW power (for the 3 tray version).

The type of products recommended for these ovens are: fresh pastry, fresh or frozen bread, gastronomy dishes.

Versions: 2 or 3 trays 600x400 mm or GN 1/1

Characteristics: vertical door opening,double internal tray support, internal perforated laterals.

                                                                                                                 version 4 trays 600x400 mm

DESIGN - modern and functional with clean lines combining aesthetics and performances. 

CONVENIENCE - small dimensions, accessible consumption and energy supply that allow the positioning of the oven both in tight and wide spaces.

UNIFORMITY OF BAKING - achieved thanks to the internal perforated tray supports  and to the bidirection fans that favour air circulation. 

FLEXIBILITY - the ovens have double tray supports for 600x400 pastry trays and for the GN 1/1 gastronomy trays (530x325 mm). 

HUMIDIFIER - standard for all versions of the line. 

CURE FOR DETAILS - double crystal glass door with interspace that keeps the outer temperature very low. 

RELIABILITY - very strong structure and quality components:  thermal shock resistance lamp for internal illumination, strong hinges  and easily replaceable oven door gasket.


 2 or 3 trays
double tray support for pastry and gastronomy trays
structure and interior in AISI 430
internal light guaranteed for 3000h of use
strong hinges 
double glass door
humidifier inside the baking chamber
bidirectional motors for equal baking
manual or digital display with the possibility to insert programs

Table : Pws technical specifications
ModelPWS 2PWS 3
Control Panels

         M - manual controls with knobs for parameters setting

         R- manual controls with knobs+display of the temperature inside the baking chamber

         D - digital controls

         DP - digital controls with 99 programs


2 trays of 400x600
    2 trays of 530x325    

3 trays of 400x600
    3 trays of 530x325    

Distance between trays

90 mm

80 mm

Max. working temperature

270° C

270° C




no.of fans

1 (timed inversion)


230V -50/60Hz-3 kW

230V-50/60Hz-4.5 kW

Dimensions (WxDxH)



Weight (kg)



water connection


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The ovens are available with 4 control pannels MANUAL, INTERMEDIATE, DIGITAL and DIGITAL WITH PROGRAMS

Manual version (M)
Intermediate version (R)

Manual controls

Display of the temperature

Digital version (D)

Digital+programs version (DP)

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            Leavening cell
            Made in AISI 430
            Manual regulation of temperature and steam
            Maximum temperature: 40°C
            Capacity: 10 trays adapted to the pastry oven


Oven stand
Made in AISI 430
With or without tray holders

Castor wheels

Kit including 4 castor wheels: 2 with brake and 2 without


Flat trays, perforated flat trays, corrugated perforated tray with 5 channels for baguettes  

Water softner

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