Odoo - Esempio 1 per tre colonne

            Scegli il TUO forno!  

            the POWERSNACK growing your business

            • realiable

            • uniform baking each time

            • easy and safe use

            • ampio vetro per visualizzare i prodotti durante la cottura

            • illuminazione interna 

            • manually controlled tilting door

            • con umidificazione

            • very robust stainless steel structure

            • removable tray supports with dual use: 60x40 and GN1 / 1

            • internal glass removable for cleaning

            Versions:  2, 3 and 4 trays 60x40 o GN1/1

            The ideal oven for: hot points, kiosk, supermarkets, B&B and gas strations. 
            For baking: cakes, brioches, muffins, baguettes, sandwiches, pastries and fresh or precooked bakeries.

            Technical advantages
            • safe use

            • bidirectional motors with autoreverse

            • intuitive controls to program the oven

            • easy service

            • steam exhaust

            • easy adaptation from one tray format to another

            • Ventstop: immediate stop of the fan when the door is opened to reduce heat and steam loss from the cooking chamber

              our models


              Odoo • Immagine e testo

              Mechanical panel (M)

              Adjust parameters by using knobs:

              • ON/OFF - turn the oven on/off

              • Temperature up to 270°C

              • Timer up to 120 min or continuous mode

              • with steam

              • 1 speed of 2800 rotations/min

              extra function available: digital display of the selected temperature and that inside the cooking chamber

              Odoo • Immagine e testo

              Digital panel with programs (DP)

              adjust parameters by using keys and save up to 99 programs:

              • ON key for turning the oven on/off

              • ON/OFF key - start or stop the baking cycle

              • Temperature - indicates the temperature inside the cooking chamber and allows you to set the desired temperature

              • Time - allows you to set the duration of the cycle and shows the time remaining during the cooking cycle

              • Steam - manual or programmable

              • Programs - up to 90 programs with 6 baking phases each.


              Odoo - Esempio 3 per tre colonne

              OVEN SUPPORT
              6 levels 60x40

              Odoo - Esempio 3 per tre colonne

              8 levels 60x40
              1.6kW 230V

              Odoo - Esempio 3 per tre colonne


              Odoo - Esempio 3 per tre colonne

              KIT WHEELS
              for oven support or proofer