forno professionale combinato con vapore e comandi digitali che con il generatore di vapore è in grado di saturare di vapore la camera di cottura in pochi secondi.

            Choose your oven!  

            HF-GASTRO: cook your way!

            because we know how important it is for your dishes to be unique

            our +

            • extremely reliable ovens with strong structure guaranteed to assist you for a very long time

            • precision in controlling the parameters and versatility in use

            • recommended for intensive work cycles

            • uniform baking each and every time 

            • intuitive manual controls or touch screen panel

            • the right balance between power, technology and price

            • enhanced heating elements for perfect baking

            • modern design made entirely in AISI 304

            • with steam

            • attention to details: triple glazing for a colder external glass, Ventstop, standard core probe connection, automatic steam reduction, automatic preheating

            Tray format:  GN 1/1 and GN 2/1

            Technical advantages
            • safe use thanks to user-friendly pictograms

            • bidirectional motors with autoreverse with 2 speeds or inverter

            • triple glass door

            • electric or gas

            • high density thermal insulation

            • visualization of alarm on display thanks to the self-diagnosis system

            • easy access to electric and electronic components

            • steam exhaust controllable from the command panel

            • programmable steam exhaust

            • touch screen 7" in several languages

            • USB terminals

              our models


              comandi a manopola per controllo del forno per ristorazione con umidità o combinati

              Electronic panel (R)

              manual regulation of each parameter using knobs and digital displays:

              • Knob for temperature regulation up 270°

              • Knob for time regulation

              • Knob for steam programming

              • ON/OFF key

              • Instant steam key

              • Open/close steam exhaust

              • Start key

              • Stop key

              • key for switch on/switch off the light inside the baking chamber

              • 1 fan speed of 1400 rotation/min

              extra functions: automatic preheating

              panello comandi touch screen con 99 programmi e programmi preimpostati e posibilità di collegamento da lontano via internet per industria 4.0

              Touch screen panel (TF/TC)

              • intuitive 7 inch touch screen controls 

              • temperature and baking time setting

              • cooking in stages

              • instant and precise direct steam

              • various fan speeds

              • programmed start

              • easy programming using usb

              • multi stage programs easily changeable without switching off the oven

              • multilingual user interface 

              • core prove or ΔT cooking

              • extra functions:

                • automatic preheating

                • 80 programs with 9 stages each

                • proofing

                • regeneration

                • programmed start

                • rapid baking chamber cooling


              Odoo - Esempio 3 per tre colonne

              WARM CABINET
              10 levels GN 1/1
              1,4 kW -230V

              Odoo - Esempio 3 per tre colonne

              0.09 kW -230V

              Odoo - Esempio 3 per tre colonne

              OVEN SUPPORT
              5 levels GN 1/1

              Odoo - Esempio 3 per tre colonne


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